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Open-cell Polyester PU

Open cell foams allow air to circulate internally due to their open cell structure; they have a high degree of compressibility and have a fast recovery when the compressive force is released. These properties make this type of foam ideal for applications where the loading is repetitive or likely to distort and provide a greater resistance to compression set.

Polyester can be easily identified by its sparkling cell appearance (which makes it popular for presentation displays) and its typically grey colouring.


How is it supplied?

Polyester polyurethane comes in a block form.

OPEN CELL Block Foam


Polyester foams when compared to polyether foams of the same density can be found to have improved cell structures that are more regular and of an even size throughout resulting in a generally stiffer material. This cell structure uniformity results in a higher resistance to airflow and consequently a better acoustic performance, it also results in higher mechanical resistance and tensile strength.

Organic solvents and detergents less affect polyester than polyether but water and heat can affect it more quickly (although it still has good temperature resistant properties). It has a superior UV and light resistance thereby assisting it to resist aging and help maintain its pleasing appearance and performance for longer.



These block foams are suitable for slitting and die cutting and can be CNC cut as required.

Common uses – Compression strips, packaging, presentation displays, acoustic insulation, low air permeability seals and gaskets, underlay and pipe lagging. Filtration systems in medical and automotive industries often use this foam type because of its performance longevity (where it is not in contact with water).

The hydrophilic characteristic this foam possesses makes it ideal for the use in bathroom sponges and wipes, allowing it to provide a high level of absorbancy. Also its resistance to solvents coupled with its UV resistivity make it ideal for use as padding in clothing such as shoulder pads.