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Non cross-linked polyolefin polyethylene

Closed cell, non cross-linked polyethylene is generally used as performance transportation packaging for low to high value products. It is reliable, has a smart appearance, feels hard and rough to the touch and is usually found in white (but depending on grade chosen we can supply in black if required).

The closed cell structure makes this foam type more than 98% non absorbent. The shapes of the cells in this material are oval and they all lie in the same direction after the primary manufacturing process has been completed. This material is recognised for having dimensionally stable properties.

It is produced without the use of CFCs or heavy metals and it is fully recyclable back to its base raw materials, making it environmentally friendly.

NXLPE Foam Cell

How is it supplied?

Extruded rolls typically have a density of 20 kg/m3 and are between 75 to 300m in length, 1 to 1.5m in height and between 0.7 to 6mm in thickness.

Boards are available in densities of 25, 28 & 35kg/m3 in varying thicknesses up to 100mm in both extruded or laminated varieties.

Boards also can be supplied in an anti-static grade with densities of 28 and 35kg/m3 in 50mm thicknesses. Please see our specialist foams for more information.

All materials are supplied from stock and can be slit or laminated to the required thickness

NXLPE Foam Cell


Polyolefin polyethylene is cost effective, clean (not manufactured using CFCs or heavy metals), light, non abrasive, durable, flexible, dimensionally stable, easily fabricated and offers good impact cushioning and good thermal and chemical resistance.

The laminated board option increases the cushioning performance in comparison with the extruded board.

Band Sawing Result


It is suitable for slitting, band sawing, die cutting, welding, routing, drilling and adhesion to itself or other materials.

Common uses: Impact and protective packaging, marine buoyancy and pallet lining.