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XPE Foam Roll


By sourcing from the leading UK suppliers, supported by other global sources, we ensure our products are of the highest quality at competitive pricing and readily available.

Foam has become a commonplace material in most industries and is used in a huge variety of applications in both the open cell and closed cell forms.

We focus on a core range of Polyurethane, Polyethylene & Polyolefin foams. They are available in various colours, densities and hardness grades in either extruded roll or expanded block form.

Our range is briefly outlined in the descriptions below.

(Note: recommendations given regarding the method of application of our products are based on our extensive experience and are given in good faith).

NXLPE Foam Cell

Non cross-linked

This is the lowest cost solution for a closed cell foam (NXLPE)


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XPE Foam Roll

Chemically cross-linked

Chemical cross-linking is a process where the cells of the foam become linked using chemicals to give a more uniform cell structure improving the performance characteristics.


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IXPE Foam Roll

Physically cross-linked

Using irradiation instead of chemicals to cross-link means there is no debris left in the cells to give a much finer, rounder cell structure to suit certain applications.


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OPEN CELL Block Foam

Open-cell Polyether PU

From the family name of Polyurethane, Polyether foam is the lowest cost open cell foam. It is commonly used in the furniture industry and widely used across others. Reconstituted chip foam is also available.


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Open-cell Polyester PU

Also from the Polyurethane family, Polyester open cell foam has a glittery appearance which lends itself particularly well to presentation or performance packaging as well as other applications.


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NXLPE Foam Block

Specialist Foams

We offer a wide range of anti-static, static dissipative and conductive grades to serve the electronics industry along with other grades including Neoprene, EPDM sponge, reticulated & melamine foams.


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We stock a comprehensive range of foam types and grades enabling us to meet your application requirements with competitive lead-times.