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Lamination Result

Heat Lamination

When your requirement for a closed cell foam grade is thicker than that of the manufacturers raw foam block, we have the facilities to bond pieces together using lamination with heat. In most circumstances this bond is found to be stronger than that of the material itself and causes no concern to the many customers we have provided this service to in the past.

This heat lamination process can be used to bond foams of different grades, densities or colour to achieve the product that you require. Please note that due to the nature of this process some loss of material thickness is to be expected.

Please also note that EPDM foam rubber (sponge) is not recommended for lamination.

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Heat Welding

Sometimes known as butt-welding, this is the method of applying heat to weld two or more sheets or blocks of closed cell foam together to create a longer length or width than is supplied as standard.

Adhesive Application Process

Adhesive Joining

We can adhere your foam to whatever material you specify using our on-site spray booth facilities and extensive experience which results from many years of producing panels for the heavy goods transportation industry.

We have a selection of spray adhesives in stock and a good relationship with our supplier to help us specify the correct one for your needs.