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Adhesive Application Result

Adhesive Tape Application

We can supply and apply most self-adhesive coatings whether single or double sided for use both indoors and out with low or high tack bonds to work in high and low temperatures.

We have stock tapes that suit a variety of industries and comply with industry standards. We source from well known and respected manufacturers to ensure consistent reliability.

Embossing Result


We can reverse or inset emboss most designs onto our polyethylene foam surfaces for enhancement of the product such as marking with your brand logo / image, or we can use this method for part marking to provide identification and traceability for your engineered parts.

Embossing is carried out using a heated plate manufactured with the required print or image to emboss the design into the face of the foam. A reasonable charge is made for the initial manufacture of the plates and we can hold them on site for future manufacturing purposes if that is your requirement. Drawings are required for the production of the heated plate and we request that at least 2mm is provided as a gap between letters if used.

Eyeleting Process


We can provide your bespoke product with eyelets if required for finishing and can source any size product of any material, although we do stock a small brass variety that are used in the manufacture of leisure mats.

We can advise you on the grades of foam that are suitable for eyeleting and if there is a need for washers to be used to ensure that the product meets the standards of testing that you are aiming for.

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Screen Printing

Using a woven polyether mesh screen to apply specialist ink to the foam surface(s) we can add text or artwork to your product.

This process is similar to stenciling and the ink is pressed through the screen using a squeegee onto the material. Multicoloured images can be produced using a number of screens.

We have extensive experience of this finishing process and can advise you about the technical considerations that must be factored into this type of production. Drawings of your requirement are required.

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Shrink Wrapping

Using a polymer plastic film we can finish your product so it is presented in this popular type of packaging. Heat is applied to the film surface to shrink it to cover tightly over the surface of the product.

This process can be desirable to our customers as a finish as it can facilitate a quick manufacture to sale turnaround and can provide a protective coating while the product is being transported or stored.