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Skiving / Slitting

We can skive the rough production skins from the raw foam blocks to create a clean cell/cell finish. This is desirable in most cases where the material is to undergo further processing or the look of the foam is important.

Sometimes these production skin finishes contain silicates that are used to ease the block foam from their moulds and these silicates hinder the application of adhesives to the products. Depending on the material the removal of the skins can reduce the overall thickness of the foam block by 4-6mm.

Slitting is used to further process the blocks to produce whatever sheet thicknesses are required. Depending on the foam grade we can slit to a minimum of 1.5mm with a +/-0.5mm tolerance.

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Band Sawing

To produce smaller sheets or pads of foams we offer horizontal band saw cutting. Our experienced operators will layer up multiple sheets when applicable to ensure time effective cutting therefore saving resources and money.

Our tolerances for this process depend on the length and width of the final shape to be cut but typically it is +/-5mm. The tolerance across the corners to check the square of the item is +/-5mm.

Die Cutting Process

Die Cutting

Our two die cutting machines allow us to tackle any size and volume tasks that are presented to us. We use traditional cutting formes sourced from our tested and trusted supplier.

Cutting formes are made from sharp steel rule that is shaped and inserted into a wooden housing. We have the facilities to keep the formes on site ready for the next production run ensuring a timely and efficient  response to your order.

This mode of manufacture can provide a dimensionally accurate product that can be of any shape. Clever nesting designs can maximise the yield of the foam sheets. Especially ideal for work of high volume.


Kiss Cutting

This process cuts through the foam to produce a component but the cut does not penetrate a backing paper on the self adhesive backing which has previously been applied.

This means the component is easy to remove from the backing paper, saving time upon application as you do not need to find and remove the paper via fiddly corners. We supply kiss cut components on strips.

Routing Result


CNC routing allows us to produce high quality 2D and 3D products. Using the latest generation machinery with skilled operators allows us to offer our customers solutions for the manufacture of their complicated designs, quick and cost effective production or a one-off prototyping service.

Our machine with auto-changer allows us to minimise the time taken to manually change the cutters.

This method of production is commonly used to manufacture products like case inserts for holding tools or technical equipment.

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Large rolls of material can be wound down to more manageable specific lengths using our rewinding capabilities. Alternatively (or in conjunction with) we can put the material onto different sized cores as per your needs.

We welcome enquiries for free issue material to be rewound.



We can load and feed up to 10 rolls a time on our guillotine so multiple layers can be cut at a time. Cutting speeds of 16,000 pads per hour can be achieved depending on the material to be cut.