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Team GB Sponsorship


timhawkins1 Functional Foam was recently very happy to sponsor a local member of Team GB, Tim Hawkins. Tim is a  young and dedicated European Championship and Olympic 2016 hopeful in the discipline of Double Trap Shooting. He approached us to provide a fit for purpose, foam padding solution for his gun and stock when in their travelling case, to ensure that they remain in top competition condition during his extensive travelling for practices and international competitions.

The purpose of the foam is to absorb the bumps and shocks of transportation and ensure his expensive specialist sporting equipment received no adverse damage. We specified and supplied a closed cell polyethylene foam at 42kg/m3 in a striking blue colour with a pleasing visual appearance due to its uniform closed cell structure. This cell structure - which as you can see from the below image - gives a professional impression and as quoted by Tim “has made a great impression at the range”. This grade of foam has little environmental impact, is easy to recycle and is non-toxic. It is flexible, resistant to chemicals and is durable against everyday wear and tear with great shock absorption properties.

case2 Currently with a ranking of 13th overall in GB Double Trap rankings, Tim is endeavouring to reach the top ten and to go on to represent Team GB at the 2014 World Championships in Granada, Spain. The next goal will then be to represent Great Britain in the 2016 Olympic games in Rio and come home with a medal.

If you would like to sponsor Tim to assist him towards his goal to represent us in the forthcoming games, please visit his homepage at for more information.

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